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My greatest pleasure in life


Self portrait of Bea Doone-Merena at age 17. Oil on Canvas.
From the time I was in grade school painting murals and attending art classes, I knew my greatest pleasure in life would be art. After school, other loves presented themselves — marriage, children, grandchildren and friends. Surrounded by their support I finally made the time to return to my first love...Art.


Because so many years had passed  since grade school, I wondered if I could ever catch up. I found a way. I let the great masters of art's history teach me their craft.  In reproducing their finest masterpieces, I found the best teachers who have ever lived! I now feel I am able to implement my lessons from the Renaissance masters in my artwork — techniques and canvas preparations, under painting, rich color palettes and glazes, everything needed to master a renaissance painting.


I delight the most in flesh tones, for it is in these tones that the whole color palette is used. Oil, my favorite medium, flows over the canvas with a richness not found in other mediums. In applying all my wonderful lessons from the masters, I am able to bring the human body, nature and portraits to life.


I have recently been inspired to paint from a different point of view, and I've been experimenting with incorporating unique media into my paintings such as gold leaf. Multiple new works seem to emerge monthly.


This past summer my art has been an explosion of accents of single color applied strategically around the human body. They rivet the viewer to experience color shock like a contemporary painting.


As I go into the new year, I am continuing to explore the color palette and expand my viewpoint. I hope you will join me on my journey of creation and transformation. Who of my pieces might touch your soul and find it's way into your own home or office.

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